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Enticing essential oils recipes to diffuse in the fall and winter

As autumn approaches, it’s time to get cozy indoors. One of the best tools you can use to create a welcoming ambiance is your essential oil diffuser. So we collected some recipes to help you build a sense of well-being as the winter blues threaten.

Essential Oil Recipes

Let’s begin with scents that evoke comfort and warmth in the fall. For the first recipe gather up citrus and sage oils. Add three drops each of lime and sage plus four drops of orange oil into your diffuser. Then enjoy the cheerful aroma.

Now, as you draw nearer to Thanksgiving, try the next mixture. You’ll need one drop each of nutmeg, orange, cinnamon bark, and clove. Then add five drops of vanilla oil. This delicious scent will also warm up your car if you use a portable diffuser.

Next, celebrate the first snowfall with this recipe. It’s sparkling fresh to purify the stuffy air indoors. First, combine one drop of wintergreen with two drops of pine needle oil. Then add six drops of grapefruit oil.

As winter drags on and flu season holds sway, it’s time to protect against ill health. Try the next blend to cleanse indoor air and improve the mood of your family. You’ll need two drops of rosemary and one drop each of tea tree and eucalyptus oils. Also, add three drops each of peppermint and pennyroyal.

In conclusion, there are recipes for practically any occasion or need. In case you’re wondering how to get some of these less common oils, it’s not hard. Explore what the best essential oil brands have to offer. You’ll find even more exotic examples there.

Also, it’s possible to save money and start small with a starter kit. A kit lets you experience the power of aromatherapy. As you become familiar with what works best, you can try new recipes and even invent your own.