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Dip Powder as an Alternative to the Gel Manicures – a Good Option

Gel polish has ruled the cosmetic stage for a long time now, and it is high time people want a change. First, acrylic paint is not a good option to go back to, but dip manicures are. Secondly, dip manicures are much safer than acrylic and even gel polish in many ways because it does not use UV lamps. Let us discuss the positives of dip powder manicures to understand why they can be beneficial. At the same time, we shall also look at the concerns because you must know the drawbacks.

Dip Powder as an Alternative to the Gel Manicures – a Good Option

Positives of Dip Powder Manicures

The most prominent plus for a dip powder manicure is that it does not use UV lamps in any way for curing the polish layer. Instead, the LDS dipping powder topcoat dries within a minute or two of its application.

The dip powder manicure does not use any harmful substances that can cause dangerous skin or other diseases. Many nail polish products contain the deadly trio of formaldehyde, di-butyl phthalate, and toluene. Products like LDS dipping powder color eliminates them. However, the dipping powder manicure does use a harmful substance in cyanoacrylate, also known as Krazy Glue, in its basecoat application. When using dipping powder, you should ensure that the basecoat application does not come in contact with the skin. The skin has moisture, and thus, cyanoacrylate can stick to your skin and cause problems.

Dipping powder manicures last long without chipping or breaking off. However, one should ensure to follow the proper procedure of applying dip powder manicure. Here is step by step apply LDS dipping powder nails:

  • Prepare the nails well by cutting and filing them, and smooth out the edges. Simultaneously, you should ensure to push the cuticles inside their respective grooves using a sterile cuticle pusher.
  • One should make sure that the surface is as dry as possible. You can use a nail buff to rough up the nail surface to facilitate the easy basecoat application to stick to the nail comfortably.
  • Apply a thin layer of basecoat and dip your fingernail into the LDS dip powder color
  • Dust the excess powder using a clean and dry brush. You can have another dip if you want a thicker and glossier coat.
  • The activator gel application process that follows immediately after using the dip powder helps bind the dip powder to the basecoat.
  • The final step is the topcoat application. One should apply the topcoat in straight lines. A single coat should give you a matte finish, whereas a double or triple coat lends the necessary shine for a glossy feel.

A perfect dip manicure can easily last for three to four weeks. The polish does not chip or tear off easily.

Finally, dip powder does not have the pungent odors that acrylic paints and gel polish finishes give. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to these odors.

Thus, your LDS dip nails prove to be an ideal alternative to the gel manicure.

While dip powder manicures have their benefits, here are some drawbacks that one should know to get the best out of your dipping powder.

Dipping Powder Concerns

One of the primary health concerns of using dipping powder is the sanitation issue observed at various nail salons globally. Most salon technicians dip the client’s fingernails into the dipping powder bottle to allow the powder to stick to the basecoat generously. However, you do not know if those using the bottle before you have any nail diseases like nail fungus can be a health issue. Such people could contaminate the dipping powder bottle and pass on the disease to you. One way of avoiding this issue is to carry your LDS dipping powder nails with you when visiting the salon.

The dipping powder can be hard to remove because of the cyanoacrylate factor. The removal process involves using acetone, an excellent nail polish remover but a dehydrating agent at the same time.

  1. It is better to scrape the powder coating on the nail using a nail file to become as thin as possible.
  2. Place the acetone-soaked cotton ball on the nail and secure it with an aluminum wrap.
  3. Wait for a minimum of half an hour and remove the wrap to find the dip powder layer sliding off along with the cotton.
  4. Massage your nails with cuticle oil to help them recuperate from dehydration.

One should wait for a week before having the next dipping powder manicure.

Besides these two concerns, dipping powder is the safest product to use, primarily if you use quality products like LDS nails.


Now, you should understand why dip nails should be the perfect alternative to gel manicures. However, the gel manicures have not gone anywhere. They are very much here to stay, but the dip powder jobs can provide stiff competition.