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The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish has become quite popular these days, almost every girl can be seen wearing these to make their nails look gorgeous and stylish. When the gel polish kit first made its entrance in the fashion industry, everything started changing almost entirely from that moment on.

The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Gel Nail Polish

It is one of the most incredible inventions that made its entry worthwhile in the field of nail styling or manicure. It took over the place by storm, and so many women fell in love with it and added an element of fun in their nails look by ditching that regular manicure. Although a lot of women are known for this fashion statement, still there are some who are still going on with the classic nail polish trend.

So, to give them a brief idea about these nails, let’s discuss more below:

What Is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Polish is basically a nail extension made by using a hard nail gel product that is hardened even more by using L.E.D lights or ultraviolet lights to decorate and protect your nails. These nails are designed in a way that they look exactly how your natural nails look but are much longer-lasting and have better endurance. This gives most women an opportunity to keep log and beautiful nails without the ultimate fear of breakage and other things like this.

Gel nail polish is an excellent option for you because it’s hard yet smooth appearance is quite prone to breaking despite having a sensitive structure. But in case you are still confused whether you should go for them or not, take a look at the pros and cons of gel nail polish given below.

This way, you would even be able to decide the best gel polish kit for you. So, let’s find it out now:

Pros Of Gel Nail Polish

They Are Long-lasting

One of the most apparent advantages of getting gel nail polish done is that it has a hard yet shiny appearance and hence is pretty long-lasting than the regular nails. In addition to that, your gel nails can last as long as twice the length of the common manicure. Although it depends on the conditions and situations your nail goes through, it is still long-lasting and is much more difficult to chip out. This is because it is made using different forms of technology and U.V. light.

They Do Not Smudge

One of the most irritating and cringiest moments every woman has to go through is just getting a nail manicure done, and the smudges ruin it. Well, thanks to gel nail polish, now your nails are prone to that frustrating thing as well. Apart from beautiful and enduring, gel nails are free of smudges even if you just got it done. Yes, you heard it right! Unlike regular manicures, gel nail polishes get the best of us.

They Dry Out Quickly

Every one of us has come to a point in our life where we rushed to a salon in a hurry and did not have much time, but even then, we go for a quick manicure. Besides the time a standard manicure takes in the preparation and painting procedure, it is quite hard to wait for you to dry them out. On the other hand, gel nails dry out like magic and quite instantly even if you have just come out of the salon.

Cons of Gel Nail Polish

They Are Expensive

Despite all the advantages of gel nail polish, there are still some factors that some people might not find very attractive. One of these main reasons is that this nail polish is quite expensive from getting your regular manicure done and can cost upto $50 depending on which salon you get the services from.

U.V. Rays Are Dangerous

The advantages of long-lasting, smudge-free, and beautiful nails come with a price as well. The U.V. Light that is used to get these gel nails done is in fact, quite dangerous for your skin, and excess exposure to them can even potentially cause skin cancer.

The Removal Process Is hard

Along with the risk of cancer, there are also some hand health conditions that can be caused by gel nail polishes. The chemical known as “acetone” that is used to remove these nails are harmful to your skin and nails as well. Just like getting it done, it takes quite an effort to remove the gel nails, and sometimes they can also cause the nail to get thinner than upto 50% of its original structure.


Besides all these possible cons, gel nail polish is quite famous in the fashion industry due to its durability and gorgeous looks. Nail polish set has its pros and cons, and now you have to decide whether it is worth the effort and time or not.

You can also get your gel nails done by being just a bit careful to save yourself from any extreme measure. So, why wait? Go now!