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How to Have Healthy Hair After Pregnancy and During Menopause

If you’ve been pregnant, perhaps you noticed that your hair grew faster than normal. But after giving birth, those luscious locks seem to lose their volume and shine. It’s not just the stress of becoming a parent that does a number on your hair. It’s also the lower amount of estrogen.

The same thing happens when women head into menopause. They experience more hair loss due to a drop in hormones. But although it’s frustrating, you can fight it with supplements and a little change in your habits.

Supplements that support healthy hair growth

Supplementing your diet with omega-3 and omega-6 oils can improve both your hair density and restore its shine.  Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin D, and iron are other essential nutrients that can stop hair loss. And Vitamin C is all-around useful for boosting your immune system and reducing thinning and greying, too.

Healthy Hair After Pregnancy

Instead of ingesting supplements, some women prefer to apply them directly to their scalp and hair.  For example, many hair growth products contain saw palmetto, horsetail, aloe vera, and caffeine. All of those natural extracts promote healthy tresses. Additionally, many conditioners and masks contain pure coconut or castor oil for the same reason.

Little changes in habit

Besides adding hair growth nutrients to your routine, there are a few small changes that will protect your hair while it grows back. One is to rinse it with cool water after you condition it. And another is to wrap your hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel instead of rough cotton. Just like sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase, the idea is to avoid roughing up the cuticle.

Finally, try not to stress about your hair. Believe that it will recover in time. After all, it normally grows between a quarter and a half-inch each month. Go ahead, take a photo now so you can feel impressed later. Within a few weeks, you’ll be pleased with the improvement.

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  1. Ailsa Shawrez Ailsa Shawrez

    Yes, many moms face the issue on hair fall including me and my 4 sisters but i realised the main culprit here was the lack of vitamins that we didn’t consume.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely information .

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