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Best SNS Nail Trend Colors in 2021

I bet you wanted to start your new year in style, but we should not forget that our nails need to look great this year. While in office, at home, on vacation or a night out, your nails should always be stunning because you deserve it. But how are you going to do that? Have you assembled some of your favourite polishes and nail trends that you wish to try this year? If you have not, you should not worry because we have listed some of the best SNS nail trends for 2021. SNS is one of the world’s most excellent dip powder system that gives other systems a run for their money. Therefore, you are always assured of quality and healthy SNS dip colors and chic SNS dip powder nails. The dip powders system has had some of the best nail trends, and 2021 is not different. Check out these trends and decide on the one that you will try next.

Best SNS Nail Trend Colors


If you close your eyes and think about the sky or the blue ocean, do you envy the calm that descends on you? I bet you do and you can transform the same serene environment on your nails. There are 28 different blue shades of blue SNS nail color that can give you the tranquil you desire. From the faintest to the darkest blue, all you need is to choose the hue catching your eyes.


All that glitters is not gold, so they say, but think about it. Why does it have to be when it can make you something better? But before you append some other meaning, we are talking about transforming your look to make you more gorgeous and luxurious. If you want to sparkle and shine always, glitters can help you with that. They allow you to achieve a glossy finish making it your best choice. You have 113 hues of glitter SNS that you can try out. Those are 113 times that you can always wear a glitter finish and each of the time; you will look different and unique but always with a sparkling mien.


Gray mostly signifies our mood. SNS grey color has 25 distinct shades of grey, and each one of them has a way to match your daily mood. The color is a natural way to make a silent statement, and apart from leaving you looking unique and luxurious, anyone who understands grey will know your mood.


When you think about brown, what comes into your mind? First, the color of the soil below your feet and then other things follow. As such, brown makes you feel earthly. Everyone can use it because it perfectly suits all skin colors. Just get one of the available brown hues and transform your look. The darker brown hue can be used to highlight the beauty of fair-skinned ladies.


The color is excellent for fair-skinned ladies. The beauty and perfect it elicits is out of this world. There are three distinct shades of this SNS nails that you can try out. The color can look chic on anyone, but its perfect contrast on back skinned manicurists is just divine. Do you not believe it? Well, we welcome you to try. Just pick the shade of your desire, follow the application steps and show your resultant look to the world. Everyone will envy you. What a beauty queen you will be!


Green is always what you mostly see. Leave the town and green will be all over you. It gives you a natural feel that you can never shake off. The color has 27 different shades. All you need is to choose the color that you think matches your mood. The green-colored SNS nail polish is the way to go when you want to feel natural.


The modest and beautiful look that you get from grey color is unmatched. You do not have to look flamboyant to look beautiful, and this color ensures that it all comes true. It is a match for corporate events and meeting where a less flashy and a classier look is your goal. There are 16 distinct shades of nude color that can be used on all skin tones.

Other SNS colors that will be trending this year include Orange that is the favourite color for fair-skinned women, Pink that leaves you looking like a kid, Purple that indicates loyalty, Red to announce your presence, Silver that gives you a glamorous look as well as Yellow that is rare and yet attractive.


This year, what you should do to yourself is to look gorgeous, and SNS nail colors will ensure that you achieve it all. There are different SNS dip powder colors, but you do not have to try them all. We have compiled a list of some of the trendiest 2021 colors that will leave your SNS powder nails looking more glamorous, elegant, luxurious, chic and unique more than you have ever fathomed.