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The Best Nails to Have for a Vacation

Nothing can be more exciting than going on a well-earned vacation at least once a year. But, of course, when you go on a vacation, you take care of your clothing, appearance, food, accommodation, entertainment, etc. Have you ever thought of having a good manicure before embarking on a long trip? What are the colors to wear on specific vacations? What accessories should you take to cater to an emergency? Let us see all these aspects in this article.

Tips to Have the Best Manicure When Traveling

Tips to Have the Best Manicure When Traveling

Keep your nails short

It would generally not be possible to visit a nail salon when you go on a vacation because you might not have the time. So, your cosmetic kit should include the necessary items like a nail cutter, nail file, nail buff, adequate replenishments if you need a touch-up for your SNS dip powder nails, etc.

We suggest having your nails cut short before you start the vacation. It ensures that the nails do not grow much to bother you during your trip.

A dip manicure is ideal

Many people advise having a gel manicure before going on a long trip. Gel manicures are good but do not last for more than two to three weeks. So, we suggest going for a dip powder manicure. An SNS dip manicure comfortably lasts for four weeks. That should be sufficient for the vacation.

Keep the nail polish removal kit ready

Your nails can get damaged during a vacation. Suppose you go for a hiking trip. Your nails might chip off, and there would be no one to repair the damage. It could require the removal of the dip powder manicure. Hence, we advise having the nail polish removal kit handy.

A matte finish is a suitable option

We agree that a glossy finish can add to your attraction quotient. However, it requires maintenance because the gloss might diminish after a few days. In addition, it can be challenging to have frequent touch-ups when on vacation. Therefore, a matte finish should be ideal because it does not require much maintenance. First, the best way to get a matte finish is to reduce the topcoat layer applications. Stopping at one or two is ideal. Secondly, the matte finish is thinner than a glossy finish, making it easy to carry off during the vacation.

Keep the nail moisturizers ready

You do not have much control over the water you use during your trips. You might not get the right kind of shower your nails need. The water can be hard with high salt and chemical levels. It is especially so when you go for beach vacations. You might frequently go on swimming excursions, which can affect your manicure. Therefore, we advise keeping the moisturizers ready. It enables you to keep the nails healthy and hydrated.

Have an extra bottle of dip powder in your kit

We suggest having an extra bottle of dip powder ready with you. You might not get the exact shade wherever you go. So, having a spare in your cosmetic kit helps. Your nails would not look out of place.

The nude colors are the best for a vacation

Though the flashy reds and oranges are excellent for a party celebration, we do not suggest having them on vacation, especially if you go to a hill station or beachside. The nude shades are best because they look simple.

Use a high-quality basecoat and topcoat

You need your SNS powder dip nails to last the entire vacation. So, we recommend investing in a high-quality basecoat and topcoat. The basecoat is the most crucial because it helps the SNS dip powder stick to the nails. In addition, a good quality basecoat is helpful because it protects the manicure from damage.

Similarly, a good-quality topcoat application helps bind the powder well. It defines whether you get a matte or glossy look to your nail. A high-quality topcoat and basecoat ensure that the dip nail manicure does not chip.

Moisturizing your cuticles frequently is critical

Generally, people take care of their nails but neglect their cuticles. Exposure to harsh conditions can make your cuticles dry and brittle. So, we suggest carrying a cuticle moisturizer with you all the time. Cuticle oils, creams, and gels are available everywhere. But, we recommend using your favorite brand that you are most comfortable with.

Organic nail products are better

Organic nail products are always better. They are eco-friendly and do not contain the harmful and toxic chemicals you otherwise find in nail polish equipment globally. In addition, using organic products makes nail manicure routines easier and reduces maintenance expenses.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed various tips to help you maintain your SNS powder dip nails on vacation. Use these tips and take the best care of your nails during your break.